The Distribution System

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Transmission Mains

The BWD transmission system conveys water from the Nequasset Lake Treatment facility to the City of Bath, towns of Wiscasset, Woolwich, and West Bath. The transmission system contains about 10 miles of pipe ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches in diameter.

Distribution Mains

The distribution system, which delivers water to each of our customers, contains about 48 miles of pipe ranging from two inches to 12 inches in diameter. To learn more about typical services and who is responsible for each part of the connection, see our New Service Installation Guide in the documents page.

Storage Tanks

BWD has two concrete storage tanks totaling 2.56 million gallons of storage. The Witch Spring Hill Standpipe, located in the Town of West Bath, was constructed in 1997 and has a capacity of 1.28 million gallons. The Potter Hill Standpipe, located on High Street in Bath, was constructed in 2007 and also has a capacity of 1.28 million gallons.

Fire Protection

Most water utilities were originally established to provide firefighting capability in their service areas. While fire hydrants are the most visible part of the system, large water mains, storage tanks and pumps are integral parts of fire protection, making it possible to have water available where it’s needed. BWD has about 350 hydrants, the majority of which are capable of delivering between 1,500 and 2,500 gallons of water per minute.

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