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2019 Oak St. Water Main Replacement

9/19/2019:  This week BWD with Ray Labbe & Sons Construction started work replacing water main on Oak St.  The Water District has experienced a high number of water main breaks on this section of Oak St. between Lincoln St. and Preble Ln.  The old 6” cast iron water main will be replaced with new 8” ductile iron water main.

Below: new 8” ductile iron pipe

Below:  new 12” valve for the Lincoln St. and Oak St. intersection.

Above:  new 12” and 8” valves at the intersection of Lincoln St. and Oak St.

Below:  hydraulic hammer to break the concrete and asphalt surface of Oak St.

9/27/2019  The crew made good progress this week installing more than 200’ of new water pipe.  Also included in this project is a short section of sewer main that runs beside the water line that Labbe Construction will also replace for the City of Bath.  The picture below shows both new lines being installed in the trench and a new manhole structure going in.

The next picture shows a piece of the old water main that is being removed. The damage on the pipe is from the excavator pulling it from the ground but is shows how brittle this pipe can be.   This pipe project was prioritized because of the many water main breaks BWD has had on this section of Oak St. resulting in lost water and service interruptions for the customers in the area.  Records show 8 breaks alone on this 1000’ stretch of pipe since 2004.

10/4/019  This week the crew has roughly reached the half way point of the job.  This includes a new fire hydrant connection.  The fire hydrant itself is not going to change as this hydrant was installed in the 1980’s and is the same style hydrant used today.  The pictures below show the hydrant to be reconnected to and the new valve and tee that will make the connection to the water main.

10/23/2019 Yesterday the final pipe connection was made on Oak St. The new line has been pressure tested and disinfected. Once the line has passed a bacteriological sample it will be put into service. After the new main is in service the site will be cleaned and prepped for new pavement before winter.

This photo shows a new copper service line being connected.
While construction is underway effected customers are supplied water through temporary service run on top of the ground and fed into the house most typically through a hose bib.

The pictures above show various types of repair clamps and couplings BWD has used over the years on this section of Oak St. highlighting the importance of this project.

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photo by Howard Cederlund

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